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It is generally thought that once you got bad credit, your life was ruined & would no longer be able to be approved for the finer things in life. You would no longer have the purchasing power that other Americans enjoy. So what if you’ve made a few late payments, or got sick & got stuck with thousands of dollars in hospital bills? Maybe, you filed for bankruptcy or have had a car repo. You obviously were met with unforeseen circumstances.

What if I told you that it is now possible to get the second chance you need to build the credit you deserve? With a simple step-by-step program you can start over & establish AAA credit in less than 30 days. This brand new credit file has absolutely no connection to your past credit history. It is important to understand that this program has been around for the last 10 years & has given thousands of good people like yourself a second chance. After years of investigating, a Los Angeles Attorney discovered the loophole in the credit system in 1990 and its been sweeping the nation, ever since.

The new credit file program is jam packed with tons of great tips, techniques, trade secrets & many proven strategies that Millionaires have been using for years to build wealth & success using credit. All of your new information with your new credit file will be reported & will give you a credit score above 750 with all three credit reporting agencies. Your new credit file will be reported to Experian, Equifax & Trans Union.

The only problem in the past is that big fancy Attorney Firms & C.P.A.’s would charge consumers between $500 - $1,000. They would justify these high prices by leading customers to believe that they had to complete such lengthy procedures & had obtained inside knowledge of how the credit system & credit bureaus worked. To keep customers from finding out how simple this actually was, they would insist that the procedure & techniques had to be done by the company itself, & that individuals alone could not achieve the same results. Other companies would charge so much because they had a well-guarded secret & didn’t want anyone to find out how simple this actually was. Well, we’ve found out their secret, & now we’re sharing it with you for the low cost of just $39.95.

As long as you have common sense & know how to follow simple step-by-step instructions, you can be on your way to driving that new Corvette or Lexus @ 2.9 %. Maybe you’ll use your new credit file to be approved for a new house @ 7%. Many people use credit to establish loans to start a new business. You need money/credit to make money. According to “Money magazine” Studies show that over 70% of all successful business owners & entrepreneurs started making big money with credit, credit cards, loans, etc..
The possibilities are endless.

And the best part is: Everybody qualifies, no matter how bad your credit is, because your existing credit file will be invisible to your future lenders. Our Customer Support Team will be available to assist & guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Your new car, new home & new life are just a click away... So proceed to the order form page & download your new credit file program today.

“No Risk 30-day Money Back Guarantee”: If you are unable to open a brand new & clean credit file, using our simple & legal techniques, within 30 days, you would be entitled to a full refund. You have nothing to lose & AAA credit to gain.

As a Bonus, for registering today, we will show you how to add ten years of AAA credit in your new credit file overnight!! Imagine how wonderful it will be 1 month from now, when you finally have the excellent credit rating you deserve. The credit you need to provide your family & loved ones with financial security in an unsecured economy. It’s time you let go of your past credit problems & create a brand new credit file. This program will give you immeasurable joy when you change your life & financial status like it has for so many thousands of others. 

Order the downloadable version MyNewCreditFile 7.0 right now. Payment can be by Credit Card or UK Debit Card. Your order will be processed & you will receive your new credit file program within minutes. If you don't have a Credit Card or Checking Account, email us for other arrangements at:

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